Ability, Flexibility and Willingness to Work Within Your Framework

Traditional Non-Op
  • Working interests of any size
  • Ability to expand financial commitment over time if needed
  • Increase in current holdings or new to NOG wells
  • Ability to move quickly
Ground Game
  • Primarily targeting working interests and leasehold of any size with sightline to development
  • Preferably in basins where we own interests
  • Ability to move quickly
Drilling Partnerships
  • Capital provider to help fund wide ranging development programs
  • Increases economics net to the operator with low-maintenance non-op partner
  • Open to short or long dated programs
  • Input on governance and development schedule
Operated Co-Purchase & Buy Down Structures
  • Ability to provide capital and take a non-operated working interest that maintains alignment for all parties
  • Joint venture with pari-passu economics
  • Input on governance and development schedule
  • Open to deal size: One Unit to Basin-wide structures
NOG is an active investor and consolidator within the non-operated upstream arena. Since 2018, NOG has completed over $4 billion of non-operated transactions from small but mighty ground game deals to co-developed JVs in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
Adam Dirlam, President and Head of Business Development
Northern Oil & Gas, Inc.

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