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NOG is the largest, publicly traded, non-operated, upstream energy asset owner in the United States that engages in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas properties, primarily in the Williston, Permian and Appalachian basins.

Our Results are Driven by Data

NOG is a data-driven enterprise. Analysis of proprietary data and ability to precisely forecast prior well investments informs our capital allocation process. Our data lake includes performance and operational data across 100 operators, over 10,000 wells, three basins and two commodities. Our seasoned engineering team, many of whom are alumni of industry peers, leads our technical analysis.

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We Do Deals

Since 2018, NOG has completed nearly $4.0 billion of bolt-on strategic acquisitions and purchased hundreds of small to large-scale Ground-Game interests in wells and drill-cos. We are a trusted provider of capital to the E&P Industry. No deal is too big or too small. Find out how to work with us.

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Insightful Statistics About NOG

Real asset owners, not real asset operators. NOG owns over 300,000 acres.

Over 10 years of high-quality inventory diversified by basin and commodity with continuous replenishment.

Peer leading operational efficiency
$0.71 Cash G&A per BOE (Q4-23).

Top tier ROCE
28.4% Return on Capital Employed in 2023.

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Digging Deep

Our company is focused on a fairly simple philosophy - find ways to grow profits per share to investors over time and through cycles. We believe that is the path to driving sustainable share price outperformance. While oil and gas prices go through down periods that can and will affect our profits, it is our job to find ways to grow the business through such times. We actively invest, hedge and look to drive consistent, long-term growth to profits and cash returns for our shareholders.

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